Dr. Ribut Basuki

Dr. Ribut Basuki earned his Masters degree in Theatre from Arizona State University in 1999. Upon the completion of his study, he returned to his institution, English Department-Faculty of Letters, Petra Christian University Surabaya to teach drama/theatre subjects. Basuki completed his doctoral degree in Universtas Indonesia in 2010.

Dr. Ribut Basuki has been working as a college teacher since his graduation from the English Department, Faculty of Language and Arts Education, IKIP Malang (now State University of Malang) in 1989 where he earned a Bachelors degree in English. He joined Petra Christian University in 1991 where he taught English Skills before he finally found his interest in drama and theatre. Right now he is teaching English Skills such as Speaking and Writing as well as drama/theatre classes such as Drama, Acting, Directing, Playwriting, etc. In 2001-2004 he was entrusted to head the English Department-Faculty of Letters, Petra Christian University which was his first experience in holding a managerial post. In 2009 he has been entrusted yet another managerial post as the dean of the Faculty of Letters, which he has to manage for four years until 2013.

Dr. Ribut Basuki has published a number of articles in national as well as local journals. He has also presented his paper in international and national seminars. His papers and presentations show his interest in drama/theatre and culture, ranging from the fields of history of drama/theatre, world theatre movements, theatre management and melodrama to the areas of traditional theatres. His completion in a workshop in Film Making at the New York film Academy (1999) has also expanded his interest to film making as well as film studies. Furthermore, the grant he got from SEASREP foundation and the University of the Philippines on Alternative Research in 2008 has given the cultural inflection on his research.