Prof. Esther Kuntjara, Ph.D.

Prof. Esther Kuntjara graduated from Satya Wacana Christian University in Salatiga for her undergrad study in English. She pursued her Masters degree in TEFL at San Francisco State University, California. Her Ph.D. was accomplished at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA, in the field of Rhetoric and Linguistics in 2001.

Prof. Kuntjara started her teaching in a Middle School in Pekalongan. Upon graduating from her Bachelor degree, she taught EFL and Indonesian as a foreign language in UKSW Salatiga as a partime lecturer. She also worked as a freelance translator and interpreter for a Christian non-governmental organization in Central Java. She started to work at Petra Christian University after she finished her Masters degree. She was once the Dean of the Faculty of Letters at Petra. She has also been a senior editor of the Journal K@ta in the Department.

Prof. Kuntjara has published several books and written a number of articles. They are mostly in the topics of Linguistic politeness, the hybrid language and culture of Chinese Indonesian society, Qualitative research, Gender studies, and general topics in Liberal Arts Education and Peace education. Researches which have been carried out are among others in Women and Politeness, Gender and assertiveness; Protocol Analysis of Writing based on gender; Gender and Sexuality; Language in the internet.

The subjects she has taught include Essay Writing, Public Speaking, American Studies, Intercultural Communication, Seminar in Linguistics, Cultural Research Method, Basic Paradigms of Cultural Science, Discourse Analysis.